Information for the admission to “Waichi Sugiyama Memorial Association”「公益財団法人 杉山検校遺徳顕彰会」入会のご案内

In the early Edo period (1603-1868), Waichi Sugiyama invented painless acupuncture treatment using a tube and established the foundation of acupuncture treatment in Japan. He also wrote a medical book, “Sugiyama Ryu Sambu Sho” (Three books of the Sugiyama Style), and established the world’s first acupuncture clinics throughout Japan to educate the visually impaired. Waichi Sugiyama Memorial Association is dedicated to spreading the wonderful “KANSHIN method” invented by Waichi, honoring and passing on his achievements, and preserving historical and cultural asset. We hope that you will understand the above purpose and join us as a member.

Membership fee(会費)

Individual member5,000 yen
Group membership10,000 yen per unit

Members will receive “Koho Sugiyama” (PR Magazine), published three times a year, and have a privilege of discounts on course fees and access to Youtube videos. Payment of membership fee is due in March for administrative purposes. No matter what month you join, we will send you a membership fee payment notice and mailing around April and May. Please be careful when you join.

For inquiries, please contact(お問合せ先)

NamePublic Incorporated Foundation Waichi Sugiyama Memorial Association
Address1-8-2, Chitose, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(in Waichi Sugiyama Memorial Hall on the grounds of Ejima Sugiyama Shrine)
Phone number03-3634-1055

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